Welcome to the Endless Rewards Pre-paid card and Rewards platform


Before you can use your Prepaid or Rewards card you will need to register or activate your card. To do so, simply click on Register A Card then:


1. To Register for Rewards

- Click on the Register for Rewards Button

- Enter the 16 digit number below the barcode on the BACK of your card

- Complete the easy on-line registration form

2. To Activate your Prepaid Card

All Pre-paid cards will need to be activated before value can be added and used.

-  Click on the Activate Prepaid Card Button

- Complete the easy activation steps by entering the 19 digit number on the FRONT of your card

- Your Verification Code is the last 4 digits of the Serial Number located on the top right hand corner of the BACK of your card

For lost or stolen cards, please call: 1800-785-610